Somatic Bloom Therapy

Kind Words From Wonderful Clients 

somatic therapy session

I’ve had such a positive experience and benefited from Natasha’s caring and helpful personality. Even via online sessions, she built dialogue to gain a better understanding of the pain I was experiencing and then explained the exercise techniques and routines, with follow-up notes e-mailed to me.

Natasha has such a talent and passion for her field. Her depth of knowledge and devotion to body health is an absolute asset.

Going forward, I’m excited to begin an exercise routine that builds a pain-free lifestyle.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Natasha via video chat, receiving a clinical somatic session. Her passion and knowledge came through the video as if she were beside me. She was fantastic at providing very detailed instructions and feedback for me to be able to complete the exercises alone safely and comfortably from my home.

As with my in-clinic sessions I immediately felt the effects of her treatment. We ended with me feeling more grounded and a lot less tense.

I had one of the better sleeps I have had in a long time last night and I know it is the result of our treatment yesterday. I applaud Natasha at wanting to help in this difficult time and highly recommend you book in with her for a remote video session.


I met Natasha years ago. After undergoing ankle surgery, I wanted to use yoga as a piece of my recovery. She worked wonders and just being with her inspired me to become a yoga teacher as well.

Years later, having acquired an autoimmune disease and a nervous system disorder, I found myself back in Natasha’s care. As an Athletic Therapist it can be difficult for me to be a patient but I couldn’t be happier. Her somatic work is helping me reconnect the wiring of my body.

I would strongly recommend taking a class or a private treatment with Natasha. Not only does she treat your body. She also impacts your soul.


(This is the full text of an email just received. So grateful for such heartfelt words):

“Hi Natasha, when I woke up Wednesday morning my sinuses were completely clear and that never happens. I’m usually very stuffy but even now it’s pretty good. I’m breathing deeper, if that makes any sense and I seem to have more energy. Oh, and I have to say that when Mary said it was the best session ever, I should have protested. Working with you has been a process. Thomas Hanna and you brought back my mobility. Everything you’ve done since those exercises have enhanced my life. I so wish my 87 year old sister could have known you and maybe she would still be walking without a walker. You and your enthusiasm for learning and enhancing other people’s lives has really saved mine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you.”

Penny L. Willis