Somatic Bloom Therapy

Reboot your nervous system with Embodiment Classes


When we learn to sense, feel, and move well, we reclaim our lives — beyond what we deemed possible.

Clinical Somatics Therapy is a highly effective method of hands-on neuromuscular retraining. It produces a greater understanding of long-held patterns, maladaptive and clever ways of moving and will explain why the body is feeling, or not resolving to the way we would prefer, and often becomes misunderstood as degenerative and age-related. Learn more here.

Some kind words:

I had the pleasure of working with Natasha via video chat, receiving a clinical somatic session. Her passion and knowledge came through the video as if she were beside meread more​


I’ve had such a positive experience and benefited from Natasha’s caring and helpful personality. Even via online sessions, she built dialogue to gain a better understandingread more​

I would strongly recommend taking a class or a private treatment with Natasha. Not only does she treat your body. She also impacts your soulread more​